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Difference between SAML and OpenID Connect

SAML OpenID Connect
In SAML, the user is redirected from the Service Provider (SP) to the Identity Provider (IDP) for sign in or can be done as IDP initiated flow as well.In OpenID Connect, the user is redirected from the Relying Party (RP) to the OpenID Provider (OP) for sign in.
The SAML SP is always a website.The OpenID Connect RP(Relying Party) is either a web or mobile application, and is frequently called the "client" because it extends an OAuth 2.0 client.
In SAML, there is an "assertion"–a signed XML document with the subject information (who authenticated), attributes (info about the person), the issuer (who issued the assertion), and other information about the authentication event.In OpenID Connect, there is the id_token. This is a signed JSON document that contains the subject, issuer, and authentication information.

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