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Difference between Angular and React

Angular React
Created by: GoogleCreated by: Facebook
DOM: Real DOMDOM: Virtual DOM
Render Support: Server-sideRender Support: Client-side
Architecture: Full MVC supportArchitecture: Only the view aspect of MVC
Data Binding: Two-way bindingData Binding: Unidirectional binding
Angular is a framework.React is a library.
Angular developers prefer two-way data binding.React developers prefer unidirectional data flow.
TypeScript + HTMLJavaScript + JSX
Automatic Dependency Injection for dependency management.Needs additional tools for dependency management.
For front-end development, extends the functionality of HTML. Prefers client-side rendering. Manipulates the real DOM.For front-end development, uses hybrid JavaScript and HTML files called JSX. Slight preference for server-side rendering. Manipulates a virtual DOM.

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