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Difference between PHP and JSP

It is the most widely used Web development platform in the world. The barrier to entry is really low.It is used in broader areas and barrier is higher than PHP.
For this need Server as (typically Apache).For this need server as Apache Tomcat or JBoss or WebSphere, WebLogic etc.
Immediate feedback and greater productivity as coding less and fast development and execution.As more coding than PHP need little more time than PHP.
PHP hosting is extraordinarily cheap.JSP hosting is not much costly than PHP.
Statically typed. Now I don't consider this a "win" against dynamic typing, they're just different. But the fact is that if you mistype a variable name in Java it'll not throw any error and will generate a new variable.Statically typed. Now I don't consider this a "win" against dynamic typing, they're just different. But the fact is that if you mistype a variable name in Java it'll generate a compiler error.
Less libraries compare to JSP.There are a huge amount of third party libraries for Java Web development out there.
Less robust compare to JSP.IMHO the modern Java Web development approach using, say, Spring (or other IoC container) is extremely robust.
Multithreaded and background processing are somewhat kludgy in PHP.Multithreaded and background processing are far more natural in Java.
PHP does not allow you to define custom tags.JSP allow you to define custom tags that can be quite powerful.
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