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Difference between MVC 1 and MVC 2

In MVC1, only one component is responsible for receiving request and sending response. In MVC2, there is separate components for receiving and sending response. i.e. Controller & View.
MVC1 associates the presentation logic with the business logic.MVC 2 isolates or disassociates the presentation logic from business logic.
In MVC 1, business logic and presentation Logic is combined so web designer and web developer cant work simulateously.Since both logics are separate that's why designer and developer can work together.
Doesn't support reusability of application components.Reusability of components.
In MVC 1, controller and model,both are JSP.While controller is servlet and model is java class.
In MVC1 there is tight coupling between page and model as data access is usually done using Custom tag or through java bean call.In MVC2 architecture there is only one controller which receives all the request for the application and is responsible for taking appropriate action in response to each request.

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