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CSS Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. As a reader, how can I make my browser recognize my own style sheet?
Ans. Netscape
It is not possible to do this in Netscape yet (as of version 4.0.)
Internet Explorer 3.0 (Win95/NT)
[It is possible to do this at least in Windows95/NT, but no user interface is provided. Unknown how this might be accomplished on other operating systems.]

1. Open the Registry editor (Start..Run..regedit..ENTER)
2. Under the \'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Microsoft\\InternetExplorer\\Styles\' key, Edit..New..String Value
3. The new value should be called \'StyleSheet Pathname\'
4. For the value, type in the full directory path of your .css style sheet.

Internet Explorer 4.0 (Win95/NT)

1. Under the View menu, select \'Internet Options\'.
2. Under the \'General\' tab, choose the \'Accessibility\' button.
3. Choose the \'Format documents using my style sheet\' check box and \'Browse...\' to the location of your .css style sheet.
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