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Ques. How to use folders as drives?
Ans. Do The Follwing :
► Start >> Run
► Type cmd and hit Enter
► This will open "Command Prompt"
► Type subst Z: E:\folder and hit Enter key.
→ You can replace Z: with your desired New Drive Letter (Except existing Drive letters)!
→ You can replace E:\folder with the path of your favorite folder !
► Now, type exit

But a Problem !
On Restart the Virtual Drive Disappears !!!

Solution !
We can make a batch file which will make the drive everytime on startup !
Here is how ?
► Open Notepad
► Type :
subst Z: E:\folder
► File >> Save As...
► Name it : Virtual Drive Emulator.bat
► Start >> All Programs
► Right Click on Startup >> Open
► This open the Startup folder
► Paste the Virtual Drive Emulator.bat file here !
*** That's all , now the drive will automatically be created when ever you start your pc
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