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ANT Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. Compare JSON with JavaScript.
Ans. JSON is a subset of the object literal notation of JavaScript
> JSON can be used in the JavaScript language with no muss or fuss
Example: JSON Object
var myJSONObject = {\"bindings\": [ {\"ircEvent\": \"PRIVMSG\", \"method\": \"newURI\", \"regex\": \"^http://.*\"},
{\"ircEvent\": \"PRIVMSG\", \"method\": \"deleteURI\", \"regex\": \"^delete.*\"},
{\"ircEvent\": \"PRIVMSG\", \"method\": \"randomURI\", \"regex\": \"^random.*\"}
In this example, a JSON JavaScript object is created
containing a single member \"bindings\", which contains
an array containing three objects, each containing
\"ircEvent\", \"method\", and \"regex\" members
Members can be retrieved using dot or subscript
operators myJSONObject.bindings[0].method // \"newURI\"
Text to Object Conversion in
JavaScript code
var myObject = eval(\'(\' + myJSONtext + \')\');
To convert a JSON text into an JSON object, use
the eval() function > eval() invokes the JavaScript compiler
> Since JSON is a proper subset of JavaScript, the compiler will
correctly parse the text and produce an object structure
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