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Ruby On Rails Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. How can you achieve the same as Multiple Inheritance using Ruby? What is Mixin?
Ruby offers a very neat alternative concept called mixin. Modules can be imported inside other class using mixin. They are then mixed-in with the class in which they are imported.

Here’s an example:

module Debug
  def whoAmI?
    "I am #{self.to_s}"

class Photo
 include Debug

ph = Photo.new

"I am : #<Photo:0x007f8ea218b270>"

As you can see above the class Debug and it’s method “whoamI?” were mixed-in (added) with the class Photo.

That’s why you can now create an instance of the Photo class and call the whoAmI? method.

 => "I am : #<Phonograph:0x007f8ea218b270>" 
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