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Ruby On Rails Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. How can you implement Caching in Ruby on Rails?

Rails offers multiple ways to cache content.

Fragment caching is my favorite because it gives you the choice to fragment to pull a portion from the cache and the remaining from a real-time DB call. 

Say you wanted to show all the orders placed on your website in real time and didnít want to cache that part of the page, but did want to cache the part of the page which lists all products available, you could use this piece of code:

<% Order.find_recent.each do |o| %>
  <%= o.buyer.name %> bought <%= o.product.name %>
<% end %>
<% CACHE DO %>  All available products:
  <% Product.all.each do |p| %>
    <%= link_to p.name, product_url(p) %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

Another technique that works well for static pages is page caching. This technique is often used for home pages and is super fast.

class ProductsController < ActionController
  def index
    @products = Products.all
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