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CSS Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExperienced/Expert

Ques 1. As a reader, how can I make my browser recognize my own style sheet?

Ques 2. How do I get rid of the gap under my image?

Ques 3. Why use Style Sheets?

Ques 4. What does the "Cascading" in "Cascading Style Sheets" mean?

Ques 5. What is CSS rule 'at-rule'?

Ques 6. What is selector?

Ques 7. What is CLASS selector?

Ques 8. What is CSS declaration?

Ques 9. What is 'important' declaration?

Ques 10. What is cascade?

Ques 11. Are Style Sheets case sensitive?

Ques 12. How do I have a non-tiling (non-repeating) background image?

Ques 13. CSS is clearly very useful for separating style from content. But apparently people tend to have problems when using it for layouts. Would you say this is because people have not yet understood how to properly do layout in CSS, or is it CSS that is lacking in this area? What can be done to improve the situation? --- Would the web benefit from HTML and CSS being complemented with some kind of "layout language"?

Ques 14. I always wanted to have "included" substyles or "aliases" in my CSS definition, to save redundancy.
(For includes)

.class1 { color:#ff0000; }
.class2 { background-color:#ffffff; }
.class3 { include:class1,class2;font-weight:bold; }

(For aliases)

@alias color1 #ff0000;
@alias color2 #ffffff;
@alias default_image url('/img/image1.jpg');

.class1 { color:color1; }
.class2 { background-image:default_image;background-color:co lor2; }

This way we could change colors or images for a whole webpage
by editing a reduced number of lines.
Had you considered any of these ideas in the past? If so, why were they rejected?

Ques 15. Styles not showing?

Ques 16. How do I quote font names in quoted values of the style attribute?

Ques 17. Why is my external stylesheet not working ?

Ques 18. What can be done with style sheets that can not be accomplished with regular HTML?

Ques 19. How do I make my div 100% height?

Ques 20. What is property?

Ques 21. How do I write my style sheet so that it gracefully cascades with user's personal sheet ?

Ques 22. What are pseudo-elements?

Ques 23. As a developer who works with CSS every day, I find one complication that continues to bother me in my daily work. Support for CSS has always been good on the horizontal scope, but vertical positioning has always been quite complicated. Alone the procedure to affix a footer to the bottom of a screen in dependance of the amount of content is unnecessarily difficult. The old table method provided much easier methods for this. What are your thoughts on this and do you see improvement following in future CSS revisions?

Ques 24. How can I make a page look the same in e.g. NS and MSIE ?

Ques 25. Is there anything that CAN'T be replaced by Style Sheets?

Ques 26. Can I include comments in my Style Sheet?

Ques 27. What is the difference between ID and CLASS?

Ques 28. How to make text-links without underline?

Ques 29. How do you make a tool tip that appears on hover?

Ques 30. Which characters can CSS-names contain?

Ques 31. What browsers support style sheets? To what extent?

Ques 32. What is CSS?

Ques 33. What are Cascading Style Sheets?

Ques 34. How do I center block-elements with CSS1?

Ques 35. If background and color should always be set together, why do they exist as separate properties?

Ques 36. What is class?

Ques 37. What is grouping ?

Ques 38. What is external Style Sheet? How to link?

Ques 39. Is CSS case sensitive?

Ques 40. What are Style Sheets?

Ques 41. What is CSS rule 'ruleset'?

Ques 42. 'Fixed' Background?

Ques 43. What is embedded style? How to link?

Ques 44. What is ID selector?

Ques 45. What is contextual selector?

Ques 46. How do I have a background image that isn't tiled?

Ques 47. What does \ABCD (and \ABCDE) mean?

Ques 48. Why do style sheets exist?

Ques 49. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the various style methods?

Ques 50. What is inline style? How to link?

Ques 51. What is imported Style Sheet? How to link?

Ques 52. What is a Style Sheet?

Ques 53. What is alternate Style Sheet? How to link?

Ques 54. How can you set a minimum width for IE?

Ques 55. Which browsers support CSS?

Ques 56. How do I place text over an image?

Ques 57. what CSS is, why not start coding?

Ques 58. Why does my content shift to the left on some pages (in FF)?

Ques 59. How do I combine multiple sheets into one?

Ques 60. What is attribute selector?

Ques 61. What is parent-child selector?

Ques 62. How can I specify background images?

Ques 63. How do I have a fixed (non-scrolling) background image?

Ques 64. What are inline, block, parent, children, replaced and floating elements?

Ques 65. Which set of definitions, HTML attributes or CSS properties, take precedence?

Ques 66. How do I eliminate the blue border around linked images?

Ques 67. Why call the subtended angle a "pixel", instead of something else (e.g. "subangle")?

Ques 68. Why was the decision made to make padding apply outside of the width of a 'box', rather than inside, which would seem to make more sense?

Ques 69. How to use CSS to separate content and design ?

Ques 70. Some examples of good and bad coding. What?s wrong with this?

Ques 71. Can CSS be used with other than HTML documents?

Ques 72. Can Style Sheets and HTML stylistic elements be used in the same document?

Ques 73. What are pseudo-classes?

Ques 74. How do I design for backward compatibility using Style Sheets?

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