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Java Swing Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExperienced/Expert

Ques 1. What's Java Swing?

Ques 2. What is JFC?

Ques 3. What is AWT?

Ques 4. What are the differences between Swing and AWT?

Ques 5. What are heavyweight components ?

Ques 6. What is lightweight component?

Ques 7. What is double buffering ?

Ques 8. What is an event in Swing?

Ques 9. What is an event handler in swing?

Ques 10. What is a layout manager?

Ques 11. What is clipping?

Ques 12. Which containers use a border Layout as their default layout in swing?

Ques 13. What is the preferred size of a component?

Ques 14. What method is used to specify a container's layout?

Ques 15. Which containers use a FlowLayout as their default layout?

Ques 16. Which method of the Component class is used to set the position and size of a component?

Ques 17. What is the What is the difference between invokeAndWait() and invokeLater()?

Ques 18. Why should any swing call back implementation execute quickly?

Ques 19. What is an applet?

Ques 20. What is the difference between applications and applets?

Ques 21. Which method is used by the applet to recognize the height and width?

Ques 22. When we should go for codebase in applet?

Ques 23. What is the lifecycle of an applet?

Ques 24. Which method is used for setting security in applets?

Ques 25. What is an event and what are the models available for event handling?

Ques 26. What are the advantages of the event-delegation model over the event-inheritance model?

Ques 27. Why does it take so much time to access an Applet having Swing Components the first time?

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