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Struts Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExpert

Ques 1. What helpers in the form of JSP pages are provided in Struts framework?

Ques 2. How you will enable front-end validation based on the xml in validation.xml?

Ques 3. What is ActionServlet?

Ques 4. How you will make available any Message Resources Definitions file to the Struts Framework Environment?

Ques 5. What is Action Class?

Ques 6. Write code of any Action Class?

Ques 7. What is ActionForm?

Ques 8. What is Struts Validator Framework?

Ques 9. Is Struts compatible with other Java technologies?

Ques 10. Who wrote Struts?

Ques 11. How do I install Struts?

Ques 12. When do I need "struts.jar" on my classpath?

Ques 13. Does Struts include its own unit tests?

Ques 14. Where can I get help with Struts?

Ques 15. What's the difference between Struts and Turbine? What's the difference between Struts and Espresso?

Ques 16. Why aren't the Struts tags maintained as part of the Jakarta Taglibs project?

Ques 17. What about JSTL and JavaServer Faces ?

Ques 18. Is there a particularly good IDE to use with Struts

Ques 19. Can I use JavaScript to submit a form?

Ques 20. Do I have to have a separate ActionForm bean for every HTML form?

Ques 21. Explain Validator in Struts.

Ques 22. Direct Requests to JSPs

Ques 23. ActionServlet Configurations

Ques 24. Action.execute() and Action.getResources()

Ques 25. Library Dependency

Ques 26. Resources under WEB-INF

Ques 27. What is the Jakarta Struts Framework?

Ques 28. What is an ActionServlet?

Ques 29. How can one make any ?Message Resources? definitions file available to the ?Struts Framework? environment?

Ques 30. What is an Action Class?

Ques 31. What is an ActionForm?

Ques 32. Describe the details of XML files used in the Validator Framework?

Ques 33. How would you display ?validation fail? errors on a JSP page?

Ques 34. How can one enable front-end validation based on the xml in validation.xml?

Ques 35. What is Struts?

Ques 36. How is the MVC design pattern used in Struts framework?

Ques 37. Who makes the Struts?

Ques 38. Do we need to pay the Struts if being used in commercial purpose?

Ques 39. What are the core classes of Struts?

Ques 40. What is the design role played by Struts?

Ques 41. How Struts control data flow?

Ques 42. What configuration files are used in Struts?

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