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Struts Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExpert

Ques 1. Is Struts efficient?

Ques 2. Why do we need Struts?

Ques 3. Why is it called Struts?

Ques 4. Do I have to credit Struts on my own website?

Ques 5. Where can I get a copy of Struts?

Ques 6. If the framework doesn't do what I want, can I request that a feature be added?

Ques 7. Will the Struts tags support other markup languages such as WML  ?

Ques 8. Why was reload removed from Struts (since 1.1)?

Ques 9. What is a modular application? What does module-relative mean?

Ques 10. Why are some of the class and element names counter-intuitive?

Ques 11. Why is ActionForm a base class rather than an interface?

Ques 12. Why doesn't the focus feature on the <html:form> tag work in every circumstance?

Ques 13. Can't I just create some of my JavaBeans in the JSP using a scriptlet?

Ques 14. How do I use JavaScript to struts?

Ques 15. Can I use other beans or hashmaps with ActionForms?

Ques 16. How can I scroll through list of pages like the search results in google?

Ques 17. Why does the <html:link> tag URL-encode javascript and mailto links?

Ques 18. How can I avoid validating a form before data is entered?

Ques 19. How can I create a wizard workflow?

Ques 20. What's the best way to deal with migrating a large application from Struts to JSF? Is there any tool support that can help?

Ques 21. How can I 'chain' Actions?

Ques 22. Struts GenericDataSource Just a general question - I'm building an application that will run stand-alone, not in an application server. I need to manage some database connections. Is the struts GenericDataSource a good candidate to do this for me? I basicly just need a connection pool from where I can get connections and then return them to optimize performance.
If this struts class is not a good candidate, can someone recommend a similar pool-manager that is lean and mean and easy to use?

Ques 23. Is it possible to create the elements of a page(jsp) dynamically based on the results of a data base query, when using struts framework?

Ques 24. Both JSF and Struts will continue to exist for a while. The Struts community is aware of JSF and is positioning itself to have strong support for JSF. See What about JSTL and JavaServer faces?

Ques 25. Can you compare the advantages and disadvantages of JSF vs. Struts. Both now, and from what you may know of futures, how and if JSF will evolve into a superior technology vs. Struts? Include how WSAD plays into the comparison if it will help differentiate the two.

Ques 26. Why it called Struts?

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