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Oracle Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExperienced/Expert

Ques 1. What are the components of physical database structure of Oracle database?

Ques 2. What are the components of logical database structure of Oracle database?

Ques 3. What is a tablespace?

Ques 4. What is SYSTEM tablespace and when is it created?

Ques 5. Explain the relationship among database, tablespace and data file?

Ques 6. What is schema?

Ques 7. What are Schema Objects?

Ques 8. Can objects of the same schema reside in different tablespaces?

Ques 9. Can a tablespace hold objects from different schemes?

Ques 10. What is Oracle table?

Ques 11. What is an Oracle view?

Ques 12. What is Partial Backup?

Ques 13. What is Mirrored on-line Redo Log?

Ques 14. What is Full Backup?

Ques 15. Can a View based on another View?

Ques 16. Can a Tablespace hold objects from different Schemes?

Ques 17. Can objects of the same Schema reside in different tablespace?

Ques 18. What is the use of Control File?

Ques 19. Do View contain Data?

Ques 20. What are the Referential actions supported by FOREIGN KEY integrity constraint?

Ques 21. What are the type of Synonyms?

Ques 22. What is a Redo Log?

Ques 23. What is an Index Segment?

Ques 24. What are the different type of Segments?

Ques 25. What are Clusters?

Ques 26. What is an Integrity Constrains?

Ques 27. What is an Index?

Ques 28. What is an Extent?

Ques 29. What is a View?

Ques 30. What is Table?

Ques 31. What are the advantages of views?

Ques 32. What is an Oracle sequence?

Ques 33. What are synonyms used for?

Ques 34. What does a Control file Contain?

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