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GWT Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExperienced/Expert

Ques 1. What is Google Web Toolkit (GWT)?

Ques 2. How many modes are provided by GWT to execute application?

Ques 3. What are Modules, Entry Points and HTML Pages in GWT?

Ques 4. Can we set CSS style in GWT Java code?

Ques 5. How can we run GWT application?

Ques 6. How can you set Browser targeted Compilation in GWT?

Ques 7. How to compile the GWT application?

Ques 8. How to create a GWT application?

Ques 9. What are the features in GWT?

Ques 10. Why to use GWT / what are the advantages to use GWT?

Ques 11. What are the disadvantages of GWT?

Ques 12. What is GWT Compiler?

Ques 13. Is GWT works in all the browsers? If yes why?

Ques 14. What is GWT - Java Emulation library?

Ques 15. What is Bootstrap process in GWT or How an applications loads in GWT?

Ques 16. What are the GWT Panels?

Ques 17. How to create custom widgets in GWT?

Ques 18. Code of entry point with onModuleLoad where split out is working.

Ques 19. What is AsyncDataProvider in GWT cell widgets?

Ques 20. What is GWT ClientBundle?

Ques 21. How to work with Server side communication?

Ques 22. How are we going to get the response from server side?

Ques 23. How to use RequestBuilder?

Ques 24. What is the purpose of the IsSerializable interface in GWT?

Ques 25. How GWT Navigation works?

Ques 26. What is the use GWT generator?

Ques 27. How to make GWT Custom Event Handler?

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