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DBMS Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExperienced/Expert

Ques 1. What is database or database management systems (DBMS)?

Ques 2. What's the difference between file and database? Can files qualify as a database?

Ques 3. What is SQL?

Ques 4. What’s difference between DBMS and RDBMS?

Ques 5. What are CODD rules in DBMS?

Ques 6. What are E-R diagrams?

Ques 7. How many types of relationship exist in database designing?

Ques 8. What is normalization? What are different type of normalization?

Ques 9. What is denormalization?

Ques 10. Can you explain Fourth Normal Form and Fifth Normal Form?

Ques 11. Have you heard about sixth normal form?

Ques 12. What are DML and DDL statements?

Ques 13. How do we select distinct values from a table?

Ques 14. What is Like operator for and what are wild cards in DMBS?

Ques 15. Can you explain Insert, Update and Delete query in DBMS?

Ques 16. What is order by clause in DMBS?

Ques 17. What is the SQL " IN " clause?

Ques 18. Can you explain the between clause in DBMS?

Ques 19. We have an employee salary table how do we find the second highest from it?

Ques 20. What are different types of joins in SQL?

Ques 21. What is “CROSS JOIN”? or What is Cartesian product?

Ques 22. How to select the first record in a given set of rows?

Ques 23. What is the default “-SORT ” order for a SQL?

Ques 24. What is a self-join?

Ques 25. What’s the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?

Ques 26. What’s the difference between “UNION” and “UNION ALL”?

Ques 27. What are cursors and what are the situations you will use them?

Ques 28. What is " Group by " clause?

Ques 29. What is the difference between “HAVING” and “WHERE” clause?

Ques 30. What is a Sub-Query?

Ques 31. What are Aggregate and Scalar Functions?

Ques 32. Can you explain the SELECT INTO Statement?

Ques 33. What is a View?

Ques 34. What is SQL injection?

Ques 35. What is Data Independence?

Ques 36. What is Data Model?

Ques 37. What is Object Oriented model?

Ques 38. What is Weak Entity set?

Ques 39. What is an Entity?

Ques 40. What is an attribute?

Ques 41. What is degree of a Relation?

Ques 42. What is Relationship?

Ques 43. What is Functional Dependency?

Ques 44. What is 1 NF (Normal Form)?

Ques 45. What is Fully Functional dependency?

Ques 46. What is 2NF?

Ques 47. What is 3NF?

Ques 48. What is BCNF (Boyce-Codd Normal Form)?

Ques 49. What is 4NF?

Ques 50. What is 5NF?

Ques 51. What is Domain-Key Normal Form?

Ques 52. What are partial, alternate, artificial, compound and natural key?

Ques 53. What is indexing and what are the different kinds of indexing?

Ques 54. What is system catalog or catalog relation? How is better known as?

Ques 55. What is meant by query optimization?

Ques 56. What is durability in DBMS?

Ques 57. What do you mean by atomicity and aggregation?

Ques 58. What is a Phantom Deadlock?

Ques 59. What is a checkpoint and When does it occur?

Ques 60. Are the resulting relations of PRODUCT and JOIN operation the same?

Ques 61. What is RDBMS KERNEL?

Ques 62. Name the sub-systems of a RDBMS.

Ques 63. Which part of the RDBMS takes care of the data dictionary? How?

Ques 64. What is the job of the information stored in data-dictionary?

Ques 65. What is database Trigger?

Ques 66. What is Storage Manager?

Ques 67. What is Buffer Manager?

Ques 68. What is Transaction Manager?

Ques 69. What is File Manager?

Ques 70. What is Authorization and Integrity manager?

Ques 71. What are stand-alone procedures?

Ques 72. What are cursors give different types of cursors?

Ques 73. What is a foreign key, and what is it used for?

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