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ExtJS Interview Questions and Answers

  Difficulty Level: AllBeginnerIntermediateExperienced/Expert

Ques 1. Do you have any advice for developers using ExtJS for the first time?

Ques 2. What is the purpose of Element Object in ExtJS?

Ques 3. For example, to show our message when any paragraph in our test page is clicked, what is the ExtJS code on paragraph click?

Ques 4. How to handle event for a extjs component?

Ques 5. How to handle exception while loading datastore?

Ques 6. How we can apply pagination in grid panel?

Ques 7. What is the purpose of Load mask?

Ques 8. What is purpose of renderer in grid panel?

Ques 9. How to get selection model used in a grid panel?

Ques 10. What is use of combo select event function?

Ques 11. How to register callbacks to the load and exception events of the JsonStore?

Ques 12. Why did you choose Ext JS?

Ques 13. What features could we add to Ext to make building a rich application like PLANet easier in the future?

Ques 14. Difference between ExtJS and JQuery?

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