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Core Java Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 106. What are wrapped classes?

Ans. Wrapped classes are classes that allow primitive types to be accessed as objects.

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Ques 107. What restrictions are placed on the location of a package statement within a source code file?
Ans. A package statement must appear as the first line in a source code file (excluding blank lines and comments).
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Ques 108. What is the difference between preemptive scheduling and time slicing?
Ans. Under preemptive scheduling, the highest priority task executes until it enters the waiting or dead states or a higher priority task comes into existence. Under time slicing, a task executes for a predefined slice of time and then reenters the pool of ready tasks. The scheduler then determines which task should execute next, based on priority and other factors.
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Ques 109. What is a native method?
Ans. A native method is a method that is implemented in a language other than Java.
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Ques 110. What are order of precedence and associativity, and how are they used?
Ans. Order of precedence determines the order in which operators are evaluated in expressions. Associatity determines whether an expression is evaluated left-to-right or right-to-left
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