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CSS Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 51. What is CSS declaration?

Ans. CSS declaration is style attached to a specific selector. It consists of two parts; property which is equivalent of HTML attribute, e.g. text-indent: and value which is equivalent of HTML value, e.g. 10pt. NOTE: properties are always ended with a colon.

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Ques 52. What is \'important\' declaration?
Ans. Important declaration is a declaration with increased weight. Declaration with increased weight will override declarations with normal weight. If both reader\'s and author\'s style sheet contain statements with important declarations the author\'s declaration will override the reader\'s.

BODY {background: white ! important; color: black}

In the example above the background property has increased weight while the color property has normal.
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Ques 53. What is cascade?
Ans. Cascade is a method of defining the weight (importance) of individual styling rules thus allowing conflicting rules to be sorted out should such rules apply to the same selector.

Declarations with increased weight take precedence over declaration with normal weight:

P {color: white ! important} /* increased weight */
P (color: black} /* normal weight */
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Ques 54. Are Style Sheets case sensitive?
Ans. No. Style sheets are case insensitive. Whatever is case insensitive in HTML is also case insensitive in CSS. However, parts that are not under control of CSS like font family names and URLs can be case sensitive - IMAGE.gif and image.gif is not the same file.
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Ques 55. How do I have a non-tiling (non-repeating) background image?
Ans. With CSS, you can use the background-repeat property. The background repeat can be included in the shorthand background property, as in this example:

body {
background: white url(example.gif) no-repeat ;
color: black ;
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