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Computer Basics Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 61. What is the correct way to uninstall/remove a program from our computer?

Ans. The best way is to go to Start -> Control Panel -> Add remove programs. Find the program you wish to remove, click on it and follow the on screen directions. If the program is not there you can check to see if there is an uninstall option when you go to the Program itself or in the start menu options for that program. As a last resort, you can move the program folder to the recycle bin but this will not totally remove it and may cause problems. Leave it on the computer if space allows.

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Ques 62. How do we change the screen resolution of our computer?
Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Display Settings and adjust the resolution there. Or
Right click on an empty place on the desktop -> choose Properties from the menu and then -> Settings.
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