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Computer Basics Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 16. What is Auto arrange?

Ans. In Windows Explorer, selecting auto arrange will lock any visible icons into a grid or pattern. Whenever you'll paste or make new folder/file on that folder view will be auto arrange. You need not to make it arrange explicitly.

You can do it: Right click on window -> Arrange Icons by/View -> Auto Arrange.

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Ques 17. What is Backward Compatible?
Ans. A program is backward compatible if it can use files from an older version of itself. For a file saved in the program to be backward compatible, it must be possible to open the file in a previous version of the program.
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Ques 18. What is CD-ROM?
Ans. Compact Disc - Read Only Memory. A CD-ROM is any compact disc which contains computer data. These discs can store huge amounts of data (up to 640 megabytes). If there is a large amount of data on a CD-ROM, then it is usually impractical to copy the data on to the hard disk; in this case, you must insert the disc whenever you want to use the data. The ROM simply means that you can not save information onto these discs. CD-ROM may also refer to the drive used to read these discs.
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Ques 19. What is Check box?
Ans. A dialog box, usually square, that records an on or off value, when we click on this box for on it shows as right tick mark.
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Ques 20. What is Clipboard?
Ans. A temporary storage location in Windows. The clipboard will store one piece of information at a time when it is manually added to the clipboard or is copied there.
Ex: While copy any text firstly it is saved in clipboard.
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