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Computer Basics Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 26. What is Cursor?

Ans. The representation of the mouse on-screen. Depending on your settings, the cursor can be many different things. You can change the cursor view from:

Start -> Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointers tab -> In customize menu you can select different cursor view -> Click on 'Apply' and 'OK'.

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Ques 27. What is Desktop?
Ans. This is what you see on your computer screen when you have no windows open. It may be a solid color, or it may be graphics. On the desktop, there will be icons, including one called "My Computer" and one called "The Recycle Bin."
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Ques 28. What is Dialog box?
Ans. This is a small window that is demanding your attention (Usually to ask e.g 'Do you want to continue?'). You must respond before you can continue using the program that displayed the dialog box. A dialog box does not have a minimize or maximize button and does not show up on the taskbar. It is only a portion of its "parent" program. Most dialog boxes have a cancel button.
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Ques 29. What is Dial-up Networking?
Ans. Using a modem to dial into a remote site network.
Start -> Control Panel -> Phone and Modem
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Ques 30. What is Double-click?
Ans. Move your mouse pointer over the object, then press the left mouse button twice in a row quickly. Be VERY careful to not move the mouse as you double-click. If you move the mouse while trying to double-click, you may end up dragging the object instead of double-clicking it.
Example: You double-click while you open a folder.
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