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Computer Basics Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 36. What is Driver software?

Ans. Driver software is software that works as a translator between another program and some piece of hardware. In the software industry, there are generally standard ways to do things. There are many different types of hardware, however, and each piece of hardware may have its own protocol (or "language"). The driver software receives standard signals from another program, then translates these into commands for a particular piece of hardware. This way a program can be written in a standard way, and it will work with many different devices.

Example: If you want to run CD-ROM in you computer, you need to install CD-ROM Setup software which is a driver software.

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Ques 37. What is DVD and DVD-ROM?
Ans. DVD is a new technology very similar to compact discs. A DVD looks just like an ordinary compact disc, however a DVD can hold up to 25 times as much as a CD!! That's 18 gigabytes!! This gives enough room to hold an entire movie at twice the quality of VHS with theater quality sound (better than CD-quality). Since it is on a disc, you can jump to any scene instantly, and you never need to rewind.
A DVD-ROM is a DVD disc for a computer. This means a multimedia encyclopedia can have even more multimedia with much better quality (on DVD-ROM). You must have a DVD-ROM drive to use DVD-ROM discs. If you have a DVD-ROM drive, then you can also play DVD movies on your computer. Many systems with DVD-ROM can output the video and sound to your TV and home audio system, so you may not have to buy a separate DVD player.
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Ques 38. What is Icon?
Ans. An icon is a picture used to represent an object. Some example objects are: data files, program files, folders, email messages, and drives. Each type of object has a different icon. That means that different types of files each have an icon representing its file type. 
Example: MS Word files will have the MS Word icon; MS Excel files will have the MS Excel icon; Etc.
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Ques 39. What is Inactive window?
Ans. A window that is open but is not active means the window is behind other window.
Example: You opened Notepad and Paint. Now Paint is on top and Paint window is above Notepad and currently you are working on Notepad. In this case Notepad is Inactive window.
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Ques 40. What is Insertion point?
Ans. A vertical flashing line that shows the user where text will be inserted. In graphics-based programs, the insertion point is the point where the next characters typed from the keyboard will appear on the display screen. The insertion point is usually represented by a blinking vertical line. You can reposition the insertion point by pressing arrow keys or by moving the I-beam pointer.
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