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Servlets Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 1. What is Servlet?

Ans. A servlet is a Java technology-based Web component, managed by a container called servlet container or servlet engine, that generates dynamic content and interacts with web clients via a request\/response paradigm.

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Ques 2. Why is Servlet so popular?
Ans. Because servlets are platform-independent Java classes that are compiled to platform-neutral byte code that can be loaded dynamically into and run by a Java technology-enabled Web server.
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Ques 3. What is servlet container?
Ans. The servlet container is a part of a Web server or application server that provides the network services over which requests and responses are sent, decodes MIME-based requests, and formats MIME-based responses. A servlet container also contains and manages servlets through their lifecycle.
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Ques 4. When a client request is sent to the servlet container, how does the container choose which servlet to invoke?
Ans. The servlet container determines which servlet to invoke based on the configuration of its servlets, and calls it with objects representing the request and response.
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Ques 5. If a servlet is not properly initialized, what exception may be thrown?
Ans. During initialization or service of a request, the servlet instance can throw an UnavailableException or a ServletException.
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