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Java Beans Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 36. What is the serializable class in java beans?

Ans. Any class is serializable as long as that class or a parent class implements the interface. Examples of serializable classes include Component, String, Date, Vector, and Hashtable.

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Ques 37. How to create bound property in bean application?
Ans. To create the title property as a bound property for the MyBean component in the NetBeans GUI Builder, perform the following sequence of operations:

► Right-click the Bean Patterns node in the MyBean class hierarchy.
► Select Add|Property from the pop-up menu.
► Fill the New Property Pattern form as shown on the following figure and click OK.
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Ques 38. What is Glasgow?
Ans. Glasgow - the code name for add-ins to the JavaBeans specification. It contains following specifications:

► The Extensible Runtime Containment and Services Protocol
► The Drag and Drop Subsystem for the Java Foundation Classes
► The JavaBeans Activation Framework
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Ques 39. How does the InfoBus relate to JavaBeans?
Ans. The InfoBus specification extends JavaBeans by providing a set of enhanced interfaces to share and exchange dynamic data.
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Ques 40. Will the general public have access to the InfoBus API s?
Ans. Yes, under the usual terms of the JDK license. The specification and technology preview are available in our products archive.
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