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Hibernate Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 51. What are the ORM level?

Ans. The ORM levels are:

* Pure relational (stored procedure.)
* Light objects mapping (JDBC)
* Medium object mapping
* Full object Mapping (composition,inheritance, polymorphism, persistence by reachability)

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Ques 52. What is CRUD?
Ans. A CRUD operation deals with creating , retriving , updating and deleting from the table.
We have already described previously how to persist "Employee" Class to database. Here we are adding more operation on that

Employee Class.
  1. Creating/Persisting the class to databae
  2. Retriving records from database
  3. Updating decord(Condition : Where sal is 8000 ,update sal to 11000)
  4. Deleting decord (condition: where deptno is 30)
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