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GWT Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 21. How to work with Server side communication?

To user GWT RPC we need to create couple of interfaces and one implementation class.
1. Synchronous interface
2. Asynchronous interface
3. Implementation class implements Synchronous interface.

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Ques 22. How are we going to get the response from server side?

For this purpose only GWT has one Asynchronous interface which has one parameter called AsyncCallBack, using this callback object it will call the client side code once the server completed the execution.
So basically all the calls to server side method will have two call back methods

If the server side method executed properly then onSuccess() method will be called otherwise onFailure() method will be called, so based on this we can proceed with our functionality.

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Ques 23. How to use RequestBuilder?

To use RequestBuilder we need to inherit HTTP Module in module.xml file
<inherits name="com.google.gwt.http.HTTP"/>

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Ques 24. What is the purpose of the IsSerializable interface in GWT?

A user-defined class is serializable if all of the following apply:

It is assignable to IsSerializable or Serializable, either because it directly implements one of these interfaces or because it derives from a superclass that does
All non-final, non-transient instance fields are themselves serializable, and
As of GWT 1.5, it must have a default (zero argument) constructor (with any access modifier) or no constructor at all.

One key difference though is that , for security reasons, all Serializable classes must be included in a serialization policy, which is generated at compile time, while IsSerializable classes do not have that requirement.

If your interest is purely in GWT, and you don't e.g. share your model classes between the web application and another application, I suggest you have your model classes/DTOs implement IsSerializable.

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Ques 25. How GWT Navigation works?

In GWT we can handle page navigation using couple of ways.
1. Using History tokens
2. Clearing the content panel and load the new page in the content panel.

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