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Microsoft Excel Interview Questions and Answers

Test your skills through the online practice test: Microsoft Excel Quiz Online Practice Test

Ques 26. What does a red triangle at the top right of a cell indicates?

A red triangle in the cell indicates the comment associated with the cell.  If you place mouse on it, it will show the comment.

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Ques 27. How do I combine different chart types into my Excel spreadsheet?

To combine chart types, follow these steps: 
1. If the Chart toolbar isn't already displayed, right-click any Toolbar and select Chart. 
2. On the chart, click the series you want to change. 
3. On the Chart toolbar, click the arrow next to the Chart Type button and then select the new chart type for the series (in our example, a line chart). 

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Ques 28. Using Excel is there a way to close all open Excel files at once instead of closing them one at a time?

Yes, you can close down all your Excel files at once by using the following instructions: 
1. Hold down the Shift key. 
2. Choose File + Close All from the menu. Holding down the Shift key changes Excel's File + Close command to a File + Close All command. 

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Ques 29. What is IF function in excel?

To perform the logic test IF function is performed. It checks whether certain conditions is true or false. If the condition is true then it will give result accordingly if the condition is false then the result or out-put will be different.

Example: For example, you select the cell and you want to display that cell as “Greater than five”, when value is true (=5 or 5) and “less than five” when value is false( <5 ). For that by using IF condition you can display result.

=IF (Logical test, value if true, value if false)

=IF (A1>5, “Greater than five, “Less than five”)

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Ques 30. Is there a way to apply the same formatting to every sheet in a workbook in Excel?

Yes. To do this, you will need to right click on one of the worksheet tabs and then choose Select All Sheets. After you do this any formatting that you apply or text you enter will show up on all the sheets in your workbook. In order to eliminate certain sheets from the changes, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the tab of the worksheet you want excluded from the others. You can also group sheets by holding the shift key and selecting the worksheet tab. 

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