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SDLC Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 31. Briefly describe the phases in the Spiral model.


Phases in spiral model:

a) System requirements are identified in detail.
b) An initial design is created for the new system based on the requirements in previous phase. All feasible and technical approaches are identified and analyzed to build the system. The design is done on a very broader and deeper scope to identify and deal with potential risks in the system.
c) A prototype is created depicting a few features of the system.
d) A second prototype is created using 4 steps: Evaluate first prototype, define requirements for second prototype, planning and designing for second prototype, constructing and testing second prototype.

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Ques 32. Explain the strengths of the spiral model.

Strengths of the Spiral model:

a) Early identification of potential risk areas.
b) Customer sees a prototype very early in the SDLC.
c) Critical and risky features are built first for risk mitigation and clarifying requirements.
d) Design can evolve with iterations.
e) Feedback from users helps maintain their expectations.
f) Cost is assessed frequently, hence better planning. 

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Ques 33. Explain the weaknesses of the spiral model.
Ans. Weaknesses of Spiral model are:
a) Not suitable for smaller or low budget projects as cost is high for identifying risks.
b) Time spent on risks, planning, and prototyping may not be as efficient.
c) It is complex.
d) Spiral may continue indefinitely.
e) Hard to define clear milestones, which allow the SDLC to move to the next phase.
f) Developers must have other work during non development phases. 
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Ques 34. Explain when to use the spiral model.

Spiral model should be used when:

a) Prototypes are expected/needed.
b) Large and high budget projects
c) When risk assessment is very critical
d) Requirements are not very clearly defined.
e) Requirements are vague and even complex
f) The organization does not have much experience with the domain.
g) Ample time is available. 

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Ques 35. Describe tailored software development life cycle model.
Ans. There is no specific SDLC model that can be used for all types of projects and situations. If none of the popular SDLC models suit for a specific project then, pick the closest matching SDLC model and modify it as per needs. Identify how important is risk assessment and use spiralís risk assessment methodology if itís a risk critical project. Project should be delivered in small chunks, ideally merging the incremental model with V-shaped model. One must spend ample time in choosing the right model or customizing one to suit a project for its successful and efficient completion. 
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