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SDLC Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 41. What are Non-functional requirements?

Without Non-functional, a software will never function or will have vital missing information in its output. Response time, security, reliability, accuracy, capacity and availability are examples of Non functional requirement for a software development process. Non functional requirements decides how the Program or the software will function in future.

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Ques 42. What is the difference between Incremental model and Spiral model?

There is not much difference between these two sdlc models. Sdlc spiral Model includes the iterative nature of the prototyping model and the linear nature of the waterfall model. This approach is ideal for developing software that is revealed in various versions.

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Ques 43. Give some practical real life examples of Spiral Model.

The most popular real life examples for sdlc Spiral model are Microsoft Windows operating System, Visual Studio Manager, Adobe Photoshop, WordPress CMS and many more.

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Ques 44. Why is Agile so popular?

Agile methodology is way too advanced and complex than the simple Waterfall model. The feasibility of agile to reshape the entire development structure to suit the most effective outcome is what makes Agile the number 1 choice of developers today.

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Ques 45. Can I build a software project without sdlc models?

Of course. There is no hard and fast requirements for a developer to implement any sdlc model for developing a software project. The ability to simplify project into modules and ascertain correct progression for completion is the only reason for which sdlc models and methodology was designed in the first place. You can sure work without them but the challenges will be more and there won’t be any specific process to organize your work as a whole.

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