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Difference between Java 16 and Java 17

Java 16 Java 17
Java 16 new features:

- Vector API: Java supports auto-vectorization to optimize the arithmetic algorithms, which means the Java (JIT compiler) will transform some scalar operations (one item at a time) into vector operations (multiple items at a time) automatically. Developers have no control of this vector operation conversion, it totally depends on the JIT compiler to optimize the code.

- Enable C++14 Language: It allows the C++14 language features to be used in the C++ source code within the JDK.

- Migrate from Mercurial to Git: Migrates the OpenJDK source code from Mercurial to Git or GitHub.

- Concurrent Thread-Stack Processing: It improves the Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) by moving the ZGC thread-stack processing from safepoints to a concurrent phase.

- Unix-Domain Socket Channels: The Unix-domain sockets are used for inter-process communication (IPC) on the same host, which means exchanging data between processes executing on the same host. New Unix-domain Socket classes or APIs added (New socket address class,, New enum,

- Alpine Linux Port: This JEP port the JDK to Alpine Linux and other Linux distributions that use musl implementation. This JDK port enables Java to run out-of-the-box in Alpine Linux, which benefits those Java-dependent frameworks or tools like Tomcat and Spring.

- Elastic Metaspace: Java 8 JEP 122 removed the PermGen (Permanent Generation) and introduced Metaspace, a native off-heap memory manager in the hotspot. Java 16 improves the metaspace memory management by returning unused HotSpot class-metadata or metaspace memory to the operating system more promptly, reducing the metaspace footprint, and simplifying the metaspace code.

- Windows/AArch64 Port: This port the JDK to Windows/AArch64, running JDK + Windows on ARM hardware, server, or ARM-based laptop.

- Foreign Linker API: Enables Java code to call or can be called by native code
Java 17 new features:

- Java 17 is 8.66% faster than Java 11 and 2.41% faster than Java 16 for G1GC (default).

- Java 17 is 6.54% faster than Java 11 and 0.37% faster than Java 16 for ParallelGC. The Parallel Garbage Collector is 16.39% faster than the G1 Garbage Collector.

- Restore or Rebuild the "Always-Strict Floating-Point" Semantics

- Enhanced faster the "pseudo-Random" Number Generators

- New macOS rendering pipelines

- macOS/AArch64 Port

- Dismiss the Applet API for Removal

- JDK Internals Encapsulate strongly

- Switch Pattern Matching (Preview)

- Activation of the Removal RMI

- Generate sealed Classes

- Removal of the Experimental AOT and JIT Compiler

- Remove the Security Manager.

- Foreign Functions and Memory API (Incubator)

- Vector API (Second Incubator)

- Deserialization Filters Based on Context (content-specific)

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