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Difference between JSF 1.2 and JSF 2.0

JSF 1.2JSF 2.0
Pure JSF without any bells and whistles specific to JSF 2 (Ajax stuff and such) - the difference won't be that great. What you have additionally in JSF 1.2 is the need to declare everything in a faces-config.xml file.while in JSF 2.0 this has become mostly unnecessary. But that is not really where you lose the time. Only when you start to think about custom components will JSF 2.0 give you a faster development cycle because it has been made easier through facelets.
It take little more time than JSF 2.0What can save time is the additional support libraries that JSF 2.0 opens up for you. For example you have primefaces and Seam 3 at your disposal. Depending on your requirements they can save you plenty of effort.
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