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Difference between Jboss and WebLogic

JBoss application server is a free and open source product.WebLogic application server is developed by Oracle.
Latest version of JBoss server supports Java EE 6 Web Profile.But the latest release of WebLogic server only supports Java EE 5.
But since JBoss is dependent on Tomcat Server, this is not possible in JBoss.You can change console requirements depending on the requirements in WebLogic, as Self Console 7001 is included.
While Ant alone could be used for deployment in JBoss, and it is very quick and easy.Multiple ways of deployment is possible in Web Logic.
Configuration and administration is pretty simple in JBoss, but a UI is not provided.WebLogic is an expensive product, it has several features that are not provided in JBoss. For example, WebLogic’s web-based administrator console can be used for the configuration of JMS, Data Sources, and security settings, etc.
Clustering is supported only for some of the features in JBoss. Whereas, JBoss does not offers JMS clustering.While, clustering is supported for all the APIs in WebLogic. WebLogic offers JMS clustering.
But database connectivity is available in JBoss only through jca-jdbc wrappers, which means that sometimes the programmer has to write his own code.Standard JDBC API is used for database connectivity in WebLogic.
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