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Difference between WebLogic and Websphere

WebLogic Websphere
WebLogic (Oracle WebLogic Server or WL) is a cross-platform Java EE application server developed by Oracle Corporation.WebSphere (WebSphere Application Server, or WAS) is an application server developed by IBM.
WebLogic has been introduced as WebLogic Tengah in November 1997.WebSphere has been introduced with version 1.0 in June 1998.
Less troubles with JAXWS web services on WL than in WAS.More troubles with JAXWS web services on WAS than in WL.
Less troubles in WL than WAS regarding EJB 2.1.Troubles with EJB 2.1 on Websphere : EJB stubs not required on WL, several instance of WAS on the same host having EJBs not working with default configuration.
A better user experience with WL console.A better experience with WAS admin scripts.
As WL troubles are less than WAS, less fix packs are there.A lot of fix pack to install on Websphere.
WL is evolving more faster than WAS.WAS is slower than WL in perspective of evolving.
It seems Classloading is easier to understand and effective in WL than WAS.It seems Classloading is difficult to understand in WAS than WL.

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