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Difference between HTML and XHTML

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language.XHTML is Extensible Hypertext Markup Language.
An application of SGML.An application of XML.
Can have empty/open tags e.g. <br>, <p>.All the unclosed tags must be closed e.g. <br/>, <p></p>.
No hard rule on structures of the elementse.g. <p><b>The difference</p></b>.Structure of the elements should be followed e.g. <p><b>The difference</b></p>.
Attributes have quotes as optional e.g. <font color=#ff0000>.Attributes have quotes mandatory e.g. <font color=”#ff0000?>.
Attributes values not significant e.g. <input type=”checkbox” checked>.Attributes values are important e.g. <input type=”checkbox” checked = “checked”>.
Case insensitive:The tags and attributes can be of uppercase or lowercase as per the preference.Case sensitive:The tags and attributes must be of lowercase.
All the content can be put under body element.All the content has to be put in blocks (p, under body element.
HTML is not mandatory for one root element.XHTML documents must have one root element.
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