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Difference between JSF 2.0 and JSF 2.1

JSF 2.0JSF 2.1
JSF 2.0 is the second release of JSF specification.JSF 2.1 is the second maintainance release of JSF 2.0.
In JSF 2.0 there is no ease of transition from JSF 1.2. In JSF 2.0 separate declaration of facelet tag declarations are needed.JSF 2.1 converts JSP custom tag libraries to facelet tag libraries. There is an ease of transition from JSF 1.2 to the latest version of specification.
JSF 2.0 does not have the feature of pluggable facelet mechanism.JSF 2.1 has a new feature of pluggable facelet cache mechanism.
There is no default mapping of the Faces Servlet in JSF 2.0.Default mapping for the Faces Servlet is done in JSF 2.1.
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