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Difference between NodeJS and Golang

NodeJS Golang
Finding developers: Since Node.js is based on JavaScript and many developers already know it, you can find developers quite easily.Finding developers: You will need more time and effort to find Go developers.
Learning curve: Node.js involves less learning curve since JavaScript already enjoys massive popularity.Learning curve: Programmers typically have steeper learning with Golang. In the Node.js vs Golang comparison, Node.js is a better choice as far as the learning curve is concerned.
Maturity: Several Node.js APIs undergo frequent changes. This demonstrates a lack of maturity on the part of Node.js.Maturity: Go undergoes developments and enhancements, however, these follow a systematic pattern. Golang has attained a greater degree of maturity.
Performance: Node.js does not provide performance as much Golang provides.Performance: Go delivers higher performance than Node.js.
Scalability: While both Node.js and Golang help you to create scalable apps.Scalability: Golang supports concurrency better. This makes it a better choice to code scalable apps.
The availability of tools and frameworks: The Node.js developer community has created a wide range of open-source tools and frameworks. This factor helps programmers to achieve higher productivity.The availability of tools and frameworks: In comparison, you will find fewer tools and frameworks for Go.
Avoiding coding errors: Node.js is based on JavaScript, which is dynamically-typed. You could find variable types-related errors that are harder to debug.Avoiding coding errors: Go is a statically-typed language, which eliminates the scope for variable types-related errors.
Error-handling: Node.js is less preferable than Golang on error-handling perspective.Error-handling: Golang requires explicit error-handling. This requires a disciplined and systematic approach to coding, which improves the maintainability.
Deployment: Node.js deployment is little bit complex than Golang.Deployment: It's easier to deploy applications written in Go than those written in Node.js.
Community support: The Node.js developers community is wider and more vibrant than the Golang developers community.Community support: Golang community support is growing but not as much as NodeJS.
Concurrency: Node JS is single-threaded and makes use of event-callback mechanism, hence, everything has to be done in a linear order and concurrency cannot be achieved.Concurrency: Concurrency is a strong side of Go as it is best suited for large software projects which require thousands of requests to be handled simultaneously.

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