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RMI Interview Questions and Answers

Ques. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of RPC.
Ans. Advantages of RPC:

* Server independent
* Process-oriented and thread oriented models supported by RPC
* The development of distributed systems is simple because it uses straightforward semantics and easier.
* Like the common communications between the portions of an application, the development of the procedures for the remote calls is quite general.
* The procedure calls preserves the business logics which is apt for the application.
* The code re-writing / re-developing effort is minimized.
* Enables the usage of the applications used in the distributed environment, not only in the local environment.
* RPC provides interoperability between CORBA ORB implementations.
* A lightweight RPC protocol permits efficient implementations.

Disadvantages of RPC:

* Context switching increases scheduling costs
* RPC is not a standard it is an idea that can be implemented in many ways
* RPC does not solve the most of the distribution creation problems
* RPC is only interaction based. This does not offer any flexibility in terms of hardware architecture.
* RPC implementations are not yet mature.
* It requires the TCP/IP protocol. Other transport protocols are not supported yet.
* Not yet proven over wide-area networks.
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