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Answers for India Law Entrance Online Test - Online Exam - Online Quiz - Mock Test

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Ques. Read the information given and answer the questions that follows.

Five friends Alok, Ravi, Sanjay, Yusuf and Vishal work in an office. Each one of them belongs to a different state and has a different profession. Their professions are lecturer, professor, clerk, manager and scholar. They belongs to states UP, MP, AP, HP and Punjab. Further more information is follows as:
1. Neither Alok nor Vishal is a Scholar.
2. The one who is a scholar is from AP.
3. Alok who is a Professor neither belongs to UP nor HP.
4. The one who is a lecturer belongs to UP .
5. Ravi who belongs to MP is neither a lecturer nor a clerk. 6. Sanjay does not belong to AP.

If Sanjay belongs to UP, then which of the following is the profession of Vishal?
Option 1. Manager
Option 2. Professor
Option 3. Clerk
Option 4. Lecturer

Ans. Option 3

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