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Log4j Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 6. Explain why to use Apache Log4j.

  • Apache log4j is an open-source and due to this, it's completely free to use.
  • You can easily save log information into either files or even databases.
  • Can be used for projects of any size small, medium, or large.

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Ques 7. What are the features of log4j?

The following are features of log4j:

  • Log4j is thread-safe.
  • It is optimized for speed.
  • It is based on a named logger hierarchy.
  • It supports multiple output appenders per logger.
  • It supports internationalization.
  • It is not restricted to a predefined set of facilities.
  • Logging behavior can be set at runtime using a configuration file.
  • It is designed to handle Java Exceptions from the start.
  • It uses multiple levels, namely ALL, TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, and FATAL.
  • The format of the log output can be easily changed by extending the Layout class.
  • The target of the log output as well as the writing strategy can be altered by implementations of the Appender interface.
  • It is a fail-stop. However, although it certainly strives to ensure delivery, log4j does not guarantee that each log statement will be delivered to its destination.

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Ques 8. What are the two static methods for obtaining a logger object?

The two static methods in log4j for obtaining a logger object are:

  • public static Logger getRootLogger()
  • public static Logger getLogger(String name)

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Ques 9. How log4j file is defined?

Log4j file is defined by the name, it keeps properties in key-value pairs. By default, the log manager looks for a file name in the CLASSPATH.

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Ques 10. What is package-level logging in log4j?

Package level logging is the standard logging of log4j, with this we would determine the package and the associated level.

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