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Difference between JSP and ASP

JSP is Java Server Pages.ASP is Active Server Pages.
JSP is from Sun Microsystems, recently acquired by Oracle.ASP is from Microsoft.
JSP is free.ASP costs money.
JSP code is compiled at run time.ASP code is interpreted.
JSP code can run faster than ASP if there are fewer changes.In this case, ASP is little slower.
Users of open source operating systems like Linux use JSP among others.Majority of Windows users use ASP.
Maker & Programming Language: On the other hand jsp technology is not a Microsoft made. It uses Java language as the programming language. and accordingly if you know Java then you can easily start creating your website in JSP.Maker & Programming Language: ASP uses Visual Basic language. In short if you know how to program in Visual Basic then you can easily make ASP pages. Additionally the new generation of ASP is called. ASP .NET which can be programmed in several programming languages. mostly on VB . NET and C#.
Database: jsp is not known to be twined with any database. so you can connect it to any database system simply by using the needed the driver (libraries) for the database then connect. I use MySQL my self when coding in jsp.Database: Theoretically you can connect to any database through ADO if you've used the required addon. though asp fully supports connecting to access database (no server required) and support also MS SQL connection.
JSP website is mostly supported by Apache Tomcat web server and work mostly on Linux based web server. But it also runs on JBOSS and IBM application servers. JSP is definitely best if you're running a linux or UNIX server, and should work more reliability over all. It can take a bit of work to configure tomcat to work with Apache though.Mostly it works on Microsoft IIS server. other servers can support asp also but mostly it works on IIS web server on windows machine.

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