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Difference between Swing and Applet

Swing Applet
Swing is light weight Component.Applet is heavy weight Component.
Swing have look and feel according to user view you can change look and feel using UIManager.Applet Does not provide this facility.
Swing uses for stand lone Applications, Swing have main method to execute the program.Applet need HTML code for Run the Applet.
Swing uses MVC Model view Controller.Applet not.
Swing have its own Layout like most popular Box Layout.Applet uses AWT Layouts like flowlayout.
Swing have some Thread rules.Applet doesn't have any rule.
To execute Swing no need any browser By which we can create stand alone application But Here we have to add container and maintain all action control with in frame container.To execute Applet programe we should need any one browser like Appletviewer, web browser. Because Applet using browser container to run and all action control with in browser container.

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