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Difference between Python and Java

Python Java
Langulage: Python is a dynamically typed programming language which means there is no necessity of declaring variables.Langulage: Java is a statically typed programming language which means you need to declare the variables explicitly.
Performance: Python is an interpreted language and determines the type of data at run time which makes it slower comparatively.Performance: Java comes with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and so it is a compiled language and takes lesser time for code execution. Therefore, for the development of heavy applications, preference, of course, is given to Java.
Community Support: Python has a strong community of over 1, 637 Python user groups in around 37 countries and 191 cities. PySlackers, the PyCon convention, PyLadies, and the FreeNode IRC Python channels have contributed to its popularity and diversity of programmers.Community Support: Java is a product of Oracle and so its convention Oracle Code One, JavaWorld, and JavaRanch have contributed to its widespread popularity in software development.
Use cases: Python is especially popular among mathematicians and physicists. It is widely used in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and the general overarching AI field. This language is very useful in data analysis and visualization. Python is also used in web development or backend development.Use cases: You might have heard that Java is everywhere. This language is used for desktop applications, android applications and web applications. Most of the complex programs are usually written in Java and that is the reason it is good to build large scale applications.
Python is an Interpreted Language.Java is a compiled+interpreted Language.
Python is easy to learn and use.Java has a complex learning curve.
Coding is less, example: Python only needs 2 lines of code to read from a file.Coding is more, example: Java takes 10 lines of code to read from a file.
Python uses indentation to separate code into separate blocks.Java language uses curly braces to define the beginning and end of each function and class definition.
Python supports both single and multiple inheritances.In Java, multiple inheritances is partially done through interfaces.
Python offers lots of string related functions which is more than Java.Java offers limited string related functions.
Python programs need an interpreter installed on the target machine to translate Python code. Compared to Java, Python is less portable.Java program can run on any computer or mobile device which is able to run the Java virtual machine (JVM).

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