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JSP Interview Questions and Answers

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Related differences

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Ques 1. What is JSP Compiler and where are compiled JSP Java files?

JSP are automatically compiled at runtime.

The compiled JSP files are by default available in the /work folder of the Tomcat environment. There should be a subfolder Catalina which in turn has a subfolder representing the domain name which defaults to localhost. There in turn should be the project folder which in turn contains package hierarchy org.apache.jsp with therein the compiled JSP files.

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Ques 2. Is JSP technology extensible?

YES. JSP technology is extensible through the development of custom actions, or tags, which are encapsulated in tag libraries.

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Ques 3. What is the ResourceBundle class in JSP?

The ResourceBundle class is used to store locale-specific resources that can be loaded by a program to tailor the program's appearance to the particular locale in which it is being run.

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Ques 4. What is the difference between a Scrollbar and a ScrollPane in JSP?

A Scrollbar is a Component, but not a Container. A ScrollPane is a Container. A ScrollPane handles its own events and performs its own scrolling.

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Ques 5. What is a Java package and how is it used?

A Java package is a naming context for classes and interfaces. A package is used to create a separate namespace for groups of classes and interfaces. Packages are also used to organize related classes and interfaces into a single API unit and to control accessibility to these classes and interfaces.

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