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Snowflake Interview Questions and Answers

Test your skills through the online practice test: Snowflake Quiz Online Practice Test

Ques 1. What is Snowflake and how does it differ from traditional databases?

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform. It differs from traditional databases in its architecture, using a multi-cluster, shared data architecture, and separating storage and compute resources.

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Ques 2. Explain the Snowflake architecture.

Snowflake follows a multi-cluster, shared data architecture. It consists of storage, virtual warehouses for compute, and metadata services. The separation of storage and compute enables scalability and performance.

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Ques 3. What is a virtual warehouse in Snowflake?

A virtual warehouse in Snowflake is a compute resource used for running queries and performing data processing. It can be scaled up or down based on workload requirements.

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Ques 4. How does Snowflake handle concurrency?

Snowflake handles concurrency efficiently by dynamically allocating compute resources to virtual warehouses based on the workload. This allows multiple users to run queries concurrently without performance degradation.

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Ques 5. What is a Snowflake role?

A role in Snowflake is a named set of privileges that can be granted to users or other roles. It helps in managing access control and permissions within the Snowflake environment.

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