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GWT Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 26. What is the use GWT generator?

Generators allow the GWT coder to generate Java code at compile time and have it then be compiled along with the rest of the project into JavaScript.

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Ques 27. How to make GWT Custom Event Handler?

This is an event that is triggered when the user becomes happy.

Define a new event class. You can add arbitrary metadata in the event class. For simplicity, we will not include any here though.

public class HappyEvent extends GwtEvent {
Define a new handler and marker interface for the event class.

interface HappyHandler extends EventHandler {
public void onHappiness(HappyEvent event);

interface HasHappyEvents {
public HandlerRegistration addHappyHandler(HappyHandler handler);
Add a unique event type

class HappyEvent extends AbstractEvent{
public static AbstractEvent.Key KEY = new AbstractEvent.Key(){...}

public GwtEvent.Key getKey(){
return KEY;
Wire up the handler's fire method

class HappyEvent extends GwtEvent {
static Key KEY = new Key(){
protected void fire(HappyHandler handler, HappyEvent event) {

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