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Dojo Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 1. What is Dojo?

Dojo is actually based on JavaScript and HTML, so its easy to learn. You can learn Dojo very fast and start developing your next highly interactive web applications.
Dojo is the Open Source JavaScript Toolkit
It is tool for constructing dynamic web user interfaces
Dojo offers widgets, utilities, higher IO (AJAX) abstraction etc.
BSD or AFL licensed

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Ques 2. What is the basic structure in Dojo?

The basic directory structure of the application is very simple and it will evolve later:
/index.html - The application entry point.
/app - The application module.
/app/main.js - The main script for app module.

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Ques 3. What is the point in Dojo?

Dojo bases on the HTML and JavaScript
Developer has not to use any strange programming language
Dojo ups abstraction layer in a higher level
Developer has not to reinvent wheel when starting programming project

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Ques 4. History of Dojo.

Development was started by Alex Russell and Dylan Schiemann in 2004
The first Dojo code was written in Septemper 2004
Nowadays 40 000 downloads and over 40 developers and companies

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Ques 5. What is Package System in Dojo?

Dojo consists of JavaScript files
Package system takes care that only needed files are included
Each JavaScript file can be named as package dojo.provide(dojo.string)
By that name the package can be taken in use dojo.require(dojo.string)
One has not to remember any file or directory names
Only dojo.js has to be included into HTML document
That file takes care of initialization of Dojo
There is a couple of pre packaged builds that consist of different kinds of packages e.g. Widget, event or IO builds.

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