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Apache Tapestry Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 6. How to alter the URL to point to the correct page?

You would need to throw a RedirectException with the new URL; this sends an HTTP redirect to the client.

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Ques 7. How should do page navigation in apache tapestry?

Usage page properties:
<page-specification class="Welcome.Action">
        <property name="success" value="Home" />
        <property name="error" value="Error" />
<page-specification class="Welcome.Action">
        <property name="success" value="Home2" />
        <property name="error" value="Error2" />
public void submitListener(IRequestCycle cycle)
    if (success)
    if (error)

So on success, it will be redirected to Home2 and on error it will be redirected to Error2 page.

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Ques 8. How do I make a link popup a new window?

Use the contrib:PopupLink component.

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Ques 9. How to get a file from client input to server end in apache tapestry?

Make a method like the following a a listener, such as from a DirectLink or whatever.
(The Document is just a class that holds the file information you want to send to the user.)

public void downloadAction(IRequestCycle cycle)
        HttpServletResponse response =

        byte[] data = new byte[1024];
        FileInputStream in = document.getFileInputstream();

          "inline; filename=" +
        response.setContentLength(new Long(document.getSize()).intValue());
        ServletOutputStream out = response.getOutputStream();

        while ( > -1)
    catch (IOException e)

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