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Cryptography Interview Questions and Answers

Ques 1. Define Cryptography and its benefits?

The Cryptography is actually a method of securing communications through some protocols in order to make the information secure or understood able only by the sender as well as the receiver. Earlier this strategy was based on mathematical theories and computer science. However, with improvement in technology, it is presently based on some vast protocols that are difficult to crack. Thus information security, as well as authenticity can always be ensured and it’s the leading benefit of Cryptography.

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Ques 2. What are the few major applications of cryptography in the modern world?

There are lots of benefits of cryptography in the modern world and a few of them are:

1. Chip-based payment cards
2. Computer and other passwords
3. E-commerce
4. Defense communications
5. Digital Currencies
6. Designing protocols
7. Data authenticity

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Ques 3. What is decryption? What is its need?

Cryptography has two important modules and they are encryption and second is decryption.

Encryption is basically an approach that converts information into secret codes. It is also known as encoding. It is done to make the information secure.

On the other side decryption is a process that is opposite to it i.e. converting the coded information back to its actual form. Only the receiver knows the protocols to decode that information. 

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Ques 4. What are the major threats to any data or information for which it needs cryptography?

There are a lot of threats in fact and you might have no idea that with respect to advancement in technology, the reverse effect of the same has also enhanced all over the world.

Hackers can steal data and any sensitive information upon leaking can create issues for the business, a government, financial institution as well as for a person individually.

The leak of confidential information can put the entire organization at risk.

Therefore data needs to be secured. 

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Ques 5. What do you mean by Secret Key Cryptography and Public Key Cryptography? How they are different from one another

Both these are the algorithms of encryption and contribute to data security.

Secret Key Cryptography can be used for both encryptions as well as decryption. It is also considered an asymmetric approach and contains only one key.

On the other hand, Public Key cryptography is basically an asymmetric approach.

There are two keys in this approach and one is basically the public key and any user can access the information. The other key is private and can only be accessed by the administrator. 

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